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| Peak Gig? | Flextime Double Bind | 33 Female F500 CEOs | AI in Hiring? | Sarah Todd |

Beacon NY - 2019-05-23 — Yes, I named the issue after a chatbot named Slutbot (see Elsewhere, below for deets). It's too chewy to not use it.


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In a Tight Labor Market, Gig Workers Get Harder to Please | Christopher Mims explores a problem for gig platforms: running through all the possible gig workers.


Disconnecting to spend time with your kids could sabotage your career | Chris Morris reports on new evidence of the double-bind latent in flextime work arrangements. Taking advantage of them will slow your career.


Fortune 500 Female CEOs Reaches All-Time Record of 33 | I know I should feel good about this news from Claire Zillman, but the absolute truth is I'm not. Only 33?


Should Companies Use AI to Assess Job Candidates? | Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic and Reece Akhtar make a strong case for taking humans out of the loop in hiring to counter human bias. 'The difference between humans and AI is that the latter can scale, and can be automated. What’s more, AI does not have an ego that needs to be managed.' Or a paycheck.

Quote of the Day

In making the need for work-life balance appear contingent upon caretaking responsibilities, we inadvertently suggest that people need to justify their right to prioritize a life outside of work.

| Sarah Todd, You deserve work-life balance—even if you don’t have kids


Tesla: Insane or Clever | Jean-Louis Gassée starts by suggesting Elon Musk is a madman and then ends up saying he's crazy like a fox. Because he has vertical integration of all software and hardware layers, which his establishment competitors don't.


How to Talk to Millennials About Capitalism | Edward Glaeser tries to debunk modern interest in socialism, unconvincingly.


Talk Dirty With Machine | Rainesford Stauffer reports on the state of flirttech: chatbots designed to help people learn how to flirt. The perfectly named Slutbot teaches Juicebox users how to sext.

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