Work Futures Minipost - A Definite No

| Less Work | Boomerang Employees | Email Autocomplete | Giving Up | Charles Eames | The 90% Rule | The New Dropbox |

Beacon NY - 22019-06-18 — I fell back into my work groove yesterday after two weeks in Europe, or maybe a better metaphor is jumping onto the back of a fast-running animal and holding on for dear life.


I owe the title of this issue to Greg McKeown, whose 90 Percent Rule is described by Susan Shain, in the Elsewhere section.


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Belabored Podcast #177: More Hours for What We Will, with Will Stronge | Sarah Jaffe and Michelle Chen podcast:

What if the best thing we could do for ourselves, the planet, and even the places where we work was—to do less work?

I like Will Stronge and the work at Autonomy. The argument that working less is good for the climate has real potential.


Say Hello, Wave Goodbye: How Off-Boarding Builds Organisational Resilience | Cathryn Barnard says the unthinkable:

If continuous turnover is the new normal, what can be done to avoid losing key talent?

One super-effective approach is to leave the door open for exiting workers to return.

We’ve entered a new age of the boomerang employee.

The boomerang employee is a beautiful metaphor.


Email Autocomplete Is Sucking the Life Out of Communication | Emily Reynolds wonders if allowing algorithms to generate our email responses is draining the humanity out of our work lives.


Why Giving Up Is Sometimes the Best Way to Solve a Problem | Tim Herrera digs into the question of when to give up on solving some problem:

Rather than fighting tooth and nail to find the “correct” solution to the problem in front of you, sometimes it’s worth the risk of looking foolish to ask: Why are we even trying to solve this problem, anyway?

Quote of the Day

Never accept work where you’re not learning.

| Charles Eames


How to, Maybe, Be Less Indecisive (or Not) | Susan Shain explores indecision, and offers a few approaches to coping with decision-making overload, like Greg McKeown's 90 Percent Rule:

This involves evaluating an opportunity on a scale from 0 to 100. If your interest falls anywhere below 90 percent, reduce its score to zero and reject it.


The New Dropbox: A Pivot, More than an Upgrade | I take a look at the new Dropbox:

Dropbox has released an early version of a ‘New Dropbox’, one that will reposition Dropbox from a file sync-and-share appliance — a product space that is rapidly being commoditized — and instead shifting toward a new center of gravity, as a content-centric work management utility.