Work Futures Update | Normal Was The Problem

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2020–07–20 Beacon NY | We owe the title of this issue to Ziauddin Sardar’s quote of the moment. He is also the source of this:

We live in an in-between period where old orthodoxies are dying, new ones have yet to be born, and very few things seem to make sense. A transitional age, a time without the confidence that we can return to any past we have known and with no confidence in any path to a desirable, attainable or sustainable future.

In a word, the postnormal.


Quote of the Moment

Because normal was the problem in the first place, rather than teaching us anything new, the pandemic forces us to look in the mirror. But can we accept what looks back at us?

| Ziauddin Sardar, who is the instigator of the concept of the postnormal era.