Results from the Report Topics Survey

I want to thank everybody who participated in the recent survey (see A Questionaire to Help Me With Some Topics). Here’s the results.

Only one topic — Creativity, Innovation, and Curiosity — scored above 8 (on the ten point scale). In fact, it scored 8.71!

Other topics scoring above 7.5 are Trust, Relationships, Empathy; Learning, Training, Reskilling; Cognitive Bias; Remote/Hybrid/Office Work; Meaning and Purpose; Platforms and Ecosystems.

In the range of 7.0 to 7.5 are Decision Making; Teamwork; Engagement and Experience; Leadership; Diversity, Equity, Inclusion.

I propose to start an effort to draw a network diagram relating these topics semantically connected.

Those topics below 7 are likely to be subsumed as elements of other topics.

Topics suggested:

  • Corporate v Nonprofit/ Private v Public — Hmmm

  • Community, culture, connection — Culture is certainly an omission, one serious enough that I will simply add it to the leaderboard.

  • aptitudes, skills and they connect — Might overlap or fall under Learning, Training, Reskilling with a broader title

  • workforce crisis, workforce migration in a globalized world — Crisis bears some thought

  • Continuing (changing, evolving, maturing) digital strategies. — Evolving is a major substratum

  • Psychological safety, mental health — Another huge omission is Wellbeing, which I will elevate to a Major theme

  • Impact management, interdependence (that's much more than teamwork) — bears some thinking

  • Not sure what the label should be, but something about individual accountability for their part in their experience of work. We put a lot of effort into analysing systems and concepts (as in this list). Where's the encouragement for individuals to step up and say no, negotiate -not in the sense of unions (which is fine) but me as an individual. Maybe the topic is personal autonomy? — Autonomy should be somewhere, maybe Engagement and Experience?

  • Not a topic, but I am very interested in the armor businesses wear (currently and historically) and how it's getting more and more porous all the time.

  • Change, Resilience — Resilience should be a major theme, linked to Culture and Leadership?

I think I will be enlarging some of these, and you’ll see another version as a mindmap.