Work Futures Story

I’ve been invited to a Substack program called Substack Grow, which is — unsurprisingly — about how to accelerate the growth of Substack communities, and as a byproduct, revenue.

One of the exercises involves plotting the story of your newsletter using Substack’s stats feature. The key includes a description of some of the milestones along the way. The current generation of Work Futures starts at point 4, when I defected from Medium and returned to Substack after over a year away.

I’ll be sharing a bunch of information, questions, and insights over the next 5 weeks, as the Substack Grown program goes forward. I am already — after just one session — planning some systemic changes.

How does this sound as a characterization of Work Futures Readers? Does this sound like you?

Work Futures readers are researchers, practitioners, and activists in business, academia, and media whose roles focus on the future of work. They are curious, driven, and hyper-engaged with the myriad themes and threads in the field. Curious and looking for new insights to both well-documented and newly emerging themes in the space. Likely are influential in their organizations in setting directions for devising new ways of work. Often are themselves writing on the future of work.