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Work Futures is an exploration of critical themes underlying our understanding of work, ranging across the deep tectonic changes going on in our rapidly changing economy and society.

I’m Stowe Boyd, a work ecologist, researcher, and analyst. Perhaps you’ve read my writing in Wired, Fast Company, or on Medium. Perhaps you heard me speak at a conference, or interviewed in a podcast. Maybe you saw me quoted in a Pew Research Center report, someone’s book on the future of work, in an article on robot sex or the naming of the hashtag. (Yes, I coined the word ‘hashtag’. Yes, really.)

Unlike a lot of other writing about work, my approach is not rah-rah aspirational mumbo-jumbo intended to motivate would-be business leaders, a recapitulation of the sayings of famous entrepreneurs, or the tired repetition of conventional, bronze age wisdom. As my decades of writing shows, I'm interested in digging into the economics, politics, history, technologies, and future of work, from the viewpoint of the individual, the workforce, and the business, and I have little tolerance for unsupported biases masquerading as universal truth. 

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